Paintings of Northern Canada

Landscapes of mighty rivers, Forested plains, Tundra, Arctic Coast, and Arctic Sea, Edges of Canadian Shield.

View of Frobisher Bay

View of Frobisher Bay

Iqaluit NU – Oil on Canvas

Photo credit: S. Tufts

Northern Canadian landscapes astound me. I am fortunate to have family who live there and friends from canoe tripping that capture such awe inspiring photos.
I feel calm and balanced here. The limited palette allows the true landscape and mood of the moment in time take place.

16h 40w canvas | 20h 244w framed


‘River of Many Fish’

Sylvia Grinnell River, Iqaluit NU – Oil on Canvas

Photo credit: S. Tufts

Whenever I paint our Northern Canada, I find myself describing it having a spiritual element. I love the story behind this area, whereby every spring, there is an abundance of Arctic char floating down the rivers stream, they can be seen jumping up, almost like they are joyful and dancing. The waters are treasured and respected in this land and I live that the landscape gives that feeling and emotion when I paint it.

30h 60w canvas | 34h 64w framed

Quietude #540


Lake Laberge, Yukon Territory – Oil on Canvas

24h 36w canvas 28h 40w framed

Sky Meets Water #537

Sky Meets Water

Artillery Lake, NWT – Oil on Canvas

Photo credit: J. Wilkie

18h 36w canvas 22h 40w framed

Snake River 1 #142

Snake River 1

Peel Watershed, Northwest Territories – Oil on Canvas

18h 36w canvas 22h 40w framed 

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