Gallery: An Nguyen

An Nguyen

An Nguyen uses vibrant colours and intricate composition to illustrate the rhythms and joys of modern life. Inspired by her travels and love of music, her geometric contemporary paintings capture musical concepts of cadence and rhythm in the movement of their fluid lines and shifting shapes. Simple moments of modern life are transformed in her paintings via the convergence of music and culture, while thematic elements of jazz and urban architecture intermingle throughout her work. An hopes that her art serves as an escape and source of happiness. She is motivated by a desire to be a female voice in the world of jazz culture, and hopes that her whimsical landscapes can celebrate the explorer in all of us.

An studied fine arts at the University of Waterloo and was tutored by Guatemalan artist Sergio A. Solorzano. As an Asian Canadian she uses her art to reflect on her immigrant identity and playfully rediscovers the world through her children’s eyes. Her paintings have been featured in local galleries, restaurants and public venues throughout Ottawa, Ontario, where she currently resides. Her paintings have also appeared on CD album covers for Canadian and international musicians. An was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and was part of Canada's response to the refugee crisis post-Vietnam War. She is the mother of twins, and is married to a jazz musician.

Artwork by An Nguyen