#425 View from the Chateau Beach

Camp Wanapitei, Temagami, Ontario - Oil on Canvas

Camp Wanapitei, oh so dear to my heart. This is a canoe tripping camp that my children and I have been involved with for 20 years. I can't even begin to explain the sentiment and feeling I have, and still get from camp, so I often say it in my paintings. This particular painting is a specific view known to everyone at camp. This is where I often go for peace and tranquility from the hectic everyday on goings of camp life. It's my quiet time. I never tire of the view. The warm waters of summer and lovely purples I see in the trees inspired me.

20h 20w canvas 24h 24w framed

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Katherine Muir Miller

"Being creative and being successful with your creativity only happens if it comes from within"

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