#371 Nourishing Regrowth

Ottawa, Ontario - Oil on Canvas

Ottawa was hit with a tornado in 2018 and a couple of areas were hit causing severe destruction. One area was part of our dog park at Bruce Pit. This area has some of the oldest growth of pine trees and it was devastating for those seeing these 100 year old pines fall. I took a post tornado walk a week later and I stood still as I saw a part of the forest I walk everyday completely wiped out. I believe in every moment there is always a glimpse of hope to be seen. I then saw this beautiful pine tree laying on its side along the path, full lush branches and pine needles that I knew would perish as it was lifted from the ground just a week earlier. The length of it was incredible, so much bigger. So instead of feeling sad about it’s inevitable perishing, I thought how incredible this tree will be in re-nourishing the land, soil for regrowth. This painting is a different palette for me, it has a quiet feel, but I live the focus on elements of the fallen pine and the shades of green.

22h 28w canvas 26h 32w framed

Katherine Muir Miller

"Being creative and being successful with your creativity only happens if it comes from within"