#424 Moody Sky Over the Bridge



Camp Wanapitei, Temagami, Ontario - Oil on Canvas

The bridge at Camp Wanapitei is a spot that holds very dear to all of the camp community. Not only is it a gathering spot to welcome home all the canoe trippers from the summer trips, but it’s a meeting spot, it’s a place to stop and view the stars and sunsets, it’s the link between camp side and the camps chateau, it’s a bridge you paddle under, and you know you are home. This view I was almost lying down on the chateau side bringing the lovely soft hues of summer foliage at the forefront. The bridge is somewhat distant but remains the focal point. A soft palette allowed the bridge to remain the focus.

22h 28w canvas 26h 32w framed

Katherine Muir Miller

"Being creative and being successful with your creativity only happens if it comes from within"