#504 Fallen Pine

Stand By Me Series, French River, Georgian Bay, Ontario - Oil on Canvas

One Fallen Pine... but others still standing strong along the shores of Georgian Bay.

Inspired again through the adventures of my children, my daughter Tori lives to live and works to live. Being an experienced canoeist and tripper, she organized a 10 day canoe trip for her paramedic friends in Toronto. She sent me so many photos as I still need to get up to this region for my own viewing. The fallen pines along the shores are all across southern, northern, and eastern Ontario, they stand out as they try to hold on to their strong roots. This palette is soft telling the story of the shore.

24h 36w canvas 28h 40w framed

framed $1,305
unframed $1,075

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Katherine Muir Miller

"Being creative and being successful with your creativity only happens if it comes from within"