#478 Colours of Glacier Creek


Whistler, BC - Oil on Canvas

Well this one is BIG. I actually had to get on a stool to reach the top of the canvas. Another friend on Facebook who I know her kids from the canoe tripping camp my kids and I are associated with, is always on adventures of sort living out west. She posted this photo of her on Glacier Creek at Whistler skiing. She was pointing out that she was actually alone on the run in the midst of all this beauty. What are the chances having a run to yourself at whistler on such a sunny day? So beautifully cropped was her photo, with incredible shadows on the snow and on the trees. I requested her permission to use her photo. I had to make it big as that's what I was feeling. So challenging, but so much fun. I went through two full tubes of white alone in mixing my colours. I imagine this painting over a big fireplace in a cottage or chalet somewhere.

Photo Credit: C. Toze

60h 60w canvas 64h 64w framed

Katherine Muir Miller

"Being creative and being successful with your creativity only happens if it comes from within"

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