#591 Harmony

Oil on Canvas

As my gallery has now been opened for two weeks, I dive into my new series of paintings titled ‘Harmony Of Winter’. The first snowfall has arrived and I am immediately drawn to the beauty and magic of a fresh fallen snowy landscape. Keeping this series soft and harmonic was my theme as I feel our world needs this right now, almost like one of my mottos: “less is more”.
This was initially inspired by a photo from Whistler, whereby I did I large painting of Glacier Creek, but it soon took on its own direction — reminding me of our family trip to Whistler in 2011. Our five kids were all together skiing after my Dad had just passed and I recall taking a moment amongst the mountains and pines and spruces just taking it all in. Harmony comes to mind as being with my whole family who made everything okay. Enjoy.

48h 48w canvas | 52h 52w framed

Katherine Muir Miller

"Being creative and being successful with your creativity only happens if it comes from within"

40 Gore St. E., Perth, Ontario, K7H 1H5