#559 Colours of Summers End

Island Bay, Lake Temagami - Oil on Canvas

Although it was just a couple of weeks ago I was up here with my husband visiting close friends in the midst of beautiful warm summer days, the colours of fall are inevitable and seem to force their way onto the canvas; feeling what we all feel right now. The cooler evenings and shorter days speak to us, but so does the landscape ever so subtly. The green hues are not as fresh, hints of reds and purples and deeper sky colours tell us autumn is near. The excitement of a new season but the sadness of our warm summer days will soon come to an end.

40hx60w canvas | 44hx64w framed

Katherine Muir Miller

"Being creative and being successful with your creativity only happens if it comes from within"

40 Gore St. E., Perth, Ontario, K7H 1H5